Leading the self, leading others, emotional intelligence

We unleash teacher’s leadership potential inside and outside of the classroom in order to create teacher leaders who are able to serve as role models to their students and as active participants in changing their school communities. Equipped with the appropriate skills, our teachers are able to mobilize students’ leadership potential.


Ethical frameworks and values, trust-building

We are building a network of teachers who are fully committed to our values of excellence, diversity, and integrity regardless of the circumstances. We aim to counter corruption in all of its forms in the educational setting, such as cheating and conflicts of interest.


Experiential learning, theater in teaching, game design

We expose educators to different teaching styles and techniques that are innovative, creative, and engaging. Our teachers innovate tools to incorporate the creative and performing arts into their classroom practices.


Social and emotional learning, classroom management, self care

We introduce teachers to findings in educational psychology that allow them to better understand students’ learning needs and patterns. We are equipping educators with the tools they need to orient their teaching styles toward what best serves students and to navigate mental health challenges in their educational journeys.


Facilitation, flipped classroom, giving and receiving feedback

This is where we channel all of our training pillars together toward constructing classrooms where teachers put students first. Our educators combine the array of skills that they acquire toward building their own recipes of instruction.